Engine concept for launching and operating air-breathing engine systems (e.g. Ramjet engines)
Air-breathing Compared with conventional rockets, air-breathing engine systems are to be understood as fluidically open systems. Air-breathing engine systems (e.g. ramjet engines) generally require an incoming mass flow of air at high velocity in order to achieve positive net compression in the engine to generate positive net thrust.

Ramjet engines are air-breathing engines with subsonic combustion and are already suitable for operational use. They exploit the Ram effect of compressing rapidly of rapidly inflowing air in an engine geometry. Designed Ramjet engines are typically designed from about Mach 1.5 or Mach 2.5 to Mach 5-6. For this reason, these engines are generally not suitable for suitable for launching rockets.

At In particular, for ramjet engines, for example, an additional injection of an oxidizer for of an oxidizer for take-off purposes, or continued operation at increased altitudes. There are already development trials and published patents.

A possible adjustment device for the additional injection of an oxidizer of an oxidizer in the air-breathing engine offers the possibility of a higher a higher injection pressure with less flow resistance and to pressure with less flow resistance, and to reduce the flow resistance of the additional of the additional injection itself when control mode is reached. This could, for example Ramjet engines could be used more effectively for the lower stage of a vertical rocket launch. The concept can possibly be used for an Extension of the lifter concept can be used.

Presentation Auxiliary Injection Engine Concept