• PAYLOADPROJECT.COM strives for application of high technologies of other industries in the space sector
  • Reducing the temperature in engines can have significant consequential effects on engine design → less expensive materials, better reusability, facilitated use of advanced nozzle concepts nozzle concepts
  • Chemical rocket engines are difficult to control in terms of combustion kinetics. physicochemical measures offer a comprehensive alternative with manageable alternative with manageable effort
→ assume that in the case of technical feasibility and integrability, the economic ensure feasibility

Risk-reducing have a risk-reducing effect:
  • Numerous design variants and possible applications (Figure 1)
  • Further development of existing technologies (e.g. use of catalysts)
  • chemical rockets have already been optimized to such an extent that even small improvements offer economic advantages
Overview and dependencies
Figure 1: Overview (as of 06/2021)

Nevertheless, there are residual risks that cannot be cannot be completely ruled out in the current start-up phase (e.g. (e.g., from other possibly even better projects, criminal spies).