At vertical launches by means of rockets, the co-acceleration of an oxidizer is required (oxygen - approx. 75% of the total launch mass). The payload fraction is limited to a maximum of approx. 4% percent of the of the total launch mass. The aim of the concept is to increase the payload capacity.

Alternative air-breathing propulsion systems are not yet applicable for vertical (e.g. ramjets or scramjets). These are either not powerful enough (e.g. turbines), or cannot be used because the take-off speed, they cannot be used for vertical takeoffs. In addition, the the density and velocity of the incoming air during the trajectory during the flight path makes the optimal use of air-breathing engines difficult. engines.

In order to To achieve an adapted propulsion concept, a combination of conventional and air-breathing of conventional and air-breathing engines is described. Through the thrust of a conventional engine, inflow is achieved or is achieved or increased via systems. In front of the air-breathing engine system, an additional and controlled inflow is to be made possible by a control system. controlled inflow is to be made possible by a guidance system. A control system adapts the system to the velocity and density of the incoming air. to the air flowing in.

Presentation of Heber Concept