Electromagnetic waves (e.g. microwaves) are able to penetrate certain materials with low materials (e.g. ceramics) with low loss. Certain materials can absorb the energy of electromagnetic waves in high concentrations waves (e.g. polar compounds with a high dielectric constant dielectric constant such as water, metals in general, ferromagnetic materials in particular). The aim of the concept is therefore to directed spatial ignition as possible. For example alternatives to thermo-chemistry are in prospect, e.g. by using the possibilities of microwaves with high flame velocities at reduced at a reduced temperature.
In the Ideally, this would result in further secondary effects or technology boosts. The concept is particularly interesting for air-breathing propulsion systems (e.g. ramjets, scramjets) to increase burnout and ignition in complex impact systems with radially and axially and axially dependent and dynamic pressure ratios. simplify. In advanced nozzle concepts such as. Aerospikes, the heat balance should be made feasible.

Presentation Ignition Concept