In the Various concepts that have been filed as provisional filed as provisional patent applications.

First of all, some basic questions:

1. What is the challenge in the market?

High costs are required for launching payloads into orbit (e.g. satellites) because the deployable payload fraction is technically limited. Up to now, only 1-4% of the total launch mass of chemical rockets can be expended.

2. Why does solve the problem?

The propellant alone comprises about 90% of the total launch mass of chemical rockets. In addition, there are shares for the structural mass, respectively the weight of the propulsion and the tanks.
The presented concepts in the stage of provisional patent applications are aimed at the further improvement of the propulsion technology.

3. Why am i as the initiator of able to contribute to the solution of these challenges?

In my approx. 10 years of varied professional experience as an engineer, I have gained extensive experience in large-scale projects and processes in intensive engineering practice. Solution-oriented work without a template was the rule rather than the exception. Thinking in terms of volume flows and process sequences is one of my core competencies. It has been my life's dream since childhood to contribute to progress through research and development.

4. What is the Paylodproject in 5 years?

In 5 years a TecCompany should exist, which can refer to real creation of value.

5. What is the unique selling proposition of was started privately and is first free of defauls and overteched conventions.

6. Further documents for testing:

General about the project
Heber Concept
Auxiliary Injection, Engine Concept (e.g. for Ramjets)

Engine Concept for Scramjets
Treiber Concept
Ignition Concept
Process Concept - Performance Concept
Adaptive enginge concept

7. Provisional patent applications: after coordination