General the reaction rate and exit velocity are increased with increase of the combustion chamber temperature. This is often referred to as "thermo-chemistry". At the same time, however, the losses and the design effort required increase, since the combustion combustion chamber temperature cannot be increased at will.

In the process concept, the alternative possibilities for the use of physical use of physical-chemical measures to limit energy losses in chemical limit energy losses in chemical engines. The measures include electromagnetic waves (as ignition, stimulation and alignment in the combustion chamber), catalysts to accelerate the catalysts to accelerate the chemical reaction and reaction temperature - at the same time to be used as absorbers for electromagnetic waves, and metallic additives (triergol systems). (triergol systems). At the same time, these measures are also intended to fine turbulence in the combustion chamber should enable a more direct conversion of the chemical energy into kinetic energy. As a result combustion chambers and nozzles can be vigorously optimized or adapted. can be made.

Presentation Process Concept